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We Own The Ground™

our mission

Revolutionizing Operator Readiness with World-Class Immersive Training

Ground Operators are being held back from their full potential.

We are building portable, high fidelity, accredited, cost effective training systems. Interoperable with legacy DoD systems, HAVIK is bringing advanced modern gaming technology to military training.

Havik Core™

Virtual Battlefield for all Ground Operations

Control every aspect of complex combat operations. HAVIKCore™ provides advanced communications, realistic 3D models, and system interoperability required to replicate the challenges of command, control, communication, and computers (C4).  Immersive, geospatially precise environments and realistic weather accurately recreate any battlefield scenario.

Train plan execute

Designed by Operators, for Operators!
Havik is the “train anywhere” solution for today's Warfighters.

Distributive training



Ships in a single, custom made 55lb rugged case. HAVIK systems can be set up in minutes, eliminating the need for a dedicated simulation operator or training structure. ​With HAVIK, simply find a desk, plug in, and start training.



Highly realistic battlefields using real world terrain and elevation data with customizable realistic vegetation, time of day, moon phase, fog distance, wind direction, and weather.



HAVIK develops our software with DIS and CIGI standards for interoperability with fielded legacy simulation systems. Third party software can also be integrated for specific mission sets by customer request.

Training Modules

Operator and Role Specific Training Modules within HAVIK Core™

Joint FireS Trainer

The only fully JFS MOA accredited, portable, and multiuser call for fire (JTAC, JFO) training system.

Office Trainer

Only fully JFS MOA accredited, custom, portable certified calls for fire (JTAC, JFO) training hardware/software package.

Shoot House

Only fully JFS MOA accredited, custom, portable certified calls for fire (JTAC, JFO) training hardware/software package.

Joint Fires Trainer

Joint Fires Trainer

Shoot House

HAVIK uses Unity, the world's most popular gaming engine, to provide the same visual fidelity as commercial AAA gaming studios.



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