HAVIK Core™ is a simulation platform built using the Unity game engine.  It is interoperable with legacy DoD simulators and provides the highest fidelity, multiuser virtual reality experience for operators.

Cutting edge

With the introduction of HAVIK Core™, the instructor station can be geographically separated from the end users. Any HAVIK Atlas instructor can host and control a battlefield scenario for any other HAVIK Atlas or HAVIK Scout user.

Terrain Databases

HAVIK Core™ terrain focuses on the highest possible fidelity at the ground level

HAVIK Core™ is the future of training, planning, rehearsals, and after-action review. HAVIK Core™ Platform connects what was unconnected.

Command for HAVIK Core™

Control every aspect of complex combat operations. HAVIK Core™ provides advanced communication, realistic virtual environments, and accurate weapon employment for single or multiple users.

Instructors for HAVIK Core™

HAVIK Core™ is the leading solution in the distributed training landscape, shaping the future of remote learning. Instructors, whether co-located or geographically separated from end users, can employ HAVIK Core™ for training at any time or location.

End Users for HAVIK Core™

End Users can be immersed in the most realistic virtual reality environments available for combat mission planning and training. They can train using various mission sets and leverage interoperability with current aviation simulators.


JTACs do not operate alone on the battlefield. HAVIK Core's™ multi-user capability allows for GFCs, JFOs, and other JTACs to coordinate fires in complex scenarios to be prepared for LSCO conflicts.

in texas

in florida

now in havik

HAVIK Core™ can work as a standalone Image Generator (IG) or display DIS traffic from other simulators.  HAVIK Core™ sets the new standard for what an IG can provide to its users with exceptional visual realism.


HAVIK has created a robust 3D interactive model library with AAA game quality assets, taking military training above and beyond modern expectations.

Full Environmental Control

Harness the power of HAVIK Core™ to control weather and wind, precipitation, clouds, and visibility. Real-time lighting and shadows highlight features such as snow and rain accumulation. Instructors can match conditions to actual METOC reporting.


  • HAVIK Core™ uses DIS and CIGI protocol to connect with legacy simulators for shared training scenarios.

  • Allows JTACs and pilots to train together.

  • HAVIK Core™ provides distributed training to multiple mission sets in the same virtual battlefield.

Working together

Using HAVIK Core™ with our Joint Fires Training module, HAVIK can seamlessly connect with an accredited aircraft simulator using a legacy IG. HAVIK Core™ allows our VR training systems to connect with simulators regardless of the legacy database being used.

atak & HAVIK Core™

Reimaginingthe After-Action Review Process using ATAK data in HAVIK

Every ATAK Enabled team member has valuable data.

ATAK is a mission planning and execution tool that provides geospatial awareness, full motion video (FMV), and targeting capabilities on a commercial mobile device.

HAVIK brings in locations, communications, vehicles, unit movements, fires coordination, free fall metrics, and other ATAK data to recreate a VR simulation that can be rewound, paused, and replayed from any participant's point of view.

plan mission

execute mission

review mission



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