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Havik Joint Fires

Havik Has Turned This

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HAVIK Atlas Features

  • Full JFS ESC MOA Accreditation
  • Not ITAR controlled, exportable to allied countries
  • Integration of real-time map database
  • Programmatic currency tracker with user profiles
  • Distributed training capable, shared combat scenarios
  • Commercial airline portability (1 case under 45 lbs)
  • Best in class graphic fidelity
  • VR performance of 90 frames per second
  • Standalone system for accredited joint fires training

atlas Capabilities

2 High-performance laptops
1 VIVE VR Headset
Mouse / Headset Package
USB LED Screen Extenders
All Cables / Controllers
HAVIK Core™ Software
HAVIK Training Module Software
M.A.C.E. / 3rd Party Software

Scout Capabilities

SCOUT provides an additional VR user
1 High-performance laptop
1 VIVE VR Headset
Student / Observer / Role Player
HAVIK Training Module Software

ATAK Interoperability

Mission Starts Here

End users begin their training scenario in the HAVIK Ready Room which contains detailed maps, CONOPs, and satellite imagery of the intended training location.  

Multiple trainees can coordinate here with their instructor for a realistic mission briefing and create custom virtual equipment loadouts. They can select independent spawn locations in the scenario or infil via vehicles.

A dynamic Virtual Sand Table allows users to analyze the battlefield from any perspective and scale with information the instructor provides them.

Take a close look at the Sand Table features HERE

HAVIK’s software includes 1:1 representations of operator equipment providing transferrable skills between training and the battlefield.

Train how you fight

Use virtual equipment that ergonomically replicates its real-world battlefield capabilities in realistic scenarios. Gain critical decision making capacity for complex situations that will save lives in future operations.



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