We Are Revolutionizing Immersive Ground Operator Training.

Our Technology

We have built a fully accredited, portable, immersive virtual reality trainer that is accessible anytime, anywhere. HAVIK provides an all-encompassing hardware and software solution, created to be modular and tailored to the requirements of individual units and operators. Our flagship product, HAVIK Joint Fires Trainer, is a self-contained VR training system designed to provide Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) the same utility of legacy simulators at a fraction of the price.

"We Do Not Rise To An Unrealistic Level Of Performance. We Fall Back To Our Level Of Training."

- Archilocus

Origins of HAVIK

Bradley served as a Virtual and Augmented Reality adviser to senior level commanders, in line with the U.S. Special Operation Command’s strategic vision.

With a Bachelor of Science in Game Design, and serving in the SEAL teams for 8 years, he can speak the language of both the operator and software developer.

Gen. Thomas with HAVIK founder Bradley Denn

HAVIK started in a garage in 2017

Why Make HAVIK?

HAVIK believes the current simulation solutions to the warfighter are hindering their growth and currency. We believe ground operators are especially neglected in the category, and deserve better training systems that meet their unique needs.

Our vision is to make ground operators more capable by creating a mobile, easy to use, and effective training platform that is designed specifically for them. By working directly with the communities we serve, HAVIK ensures their voices are heard and represented in the products we create.

Havik Draws From The Best of
Special Ops & Gaming Communities

HAVIK brings together former operators, pilots, JTACs, and game industry veterans to create industry leading products for the next generation of distributive training solutions.

Working together To Provide The Best Training Solutions For Today's Warfighter

HAVIK strives to provide the best training tools to our operators and special forces, enabling them to be more proficient carrying out their mission.

Input and feedback from end users in the field is the critical component of our technology. HAVIK strives to give the communities we serve the ability to directly impact the training solutions we develop.



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